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Desk plate for Showalot Maxi

Desk plate for Showalot Maxi

With this smart desk plate Showalot Maxi is simple to convert into a versatile search station with the desk plate variable in height.

The desk plate has space for a keyboard, flat screen monitor and CPU or client. 

All you need is a double-sided Showalot Maxi, remove 4-5 shelves on each or both sides (depending on single-sided or double-sided desk plate) and place the desk plate at the required height.


Join the two sections together , remove 4-5 of the shelves on one or both sides and insert the larger desk plate at the appropriate working height and the smaller desk plate at the bottom.

All plates are fitted with practical holes to allow the cables through. The desk plates are installed with the help of the included straps.

Hey presto, you've got a search station with or without display!

Width 600 mm
Depth 730 mm
Colour white
Material laminated plywood

Colour: white


Item no.: E4492 / 2 pcs

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