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The Design Prince and Halland Book Trolley

1 October 2017 / Product news

A whole generation of Swedes have spilled milk on this iconic, speckled grey pattern called Virrvarr (eng. maze). That’s because this pattern, designed by Sigvard Bernadotte in 1958, saw its heyday around 1965 when it was in everyone’s kitchen in the form of kitchen tabletops, windowsills and much, much more.

Prince Sigvard Bernadotte, the design prince

One of Sweden’s most prominent designers during the 1900s, who united the beauty and functionality with the efficient and effective production process.
Originator of some of the most useful and recognized everyday objects such as the Red Clara can opener, Margrethe bowl, Bernadotte jug, Georg Jensen silver collection, Facit Private typewriter and countless other incredible objects and patterns. The man is synonymous with rigorously high standards and sophistication.

Halland Virrvarr

We have taking the old-school and made it relevant today. Our popular Halland Plus book trolley in the classic Virrvarr pattern.
Single-sided book trolley with four sloping shelves

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