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Floor and wall graphics

Visual elements to support biophilic design

Designing graphics for walls and floors are part and parcel of interior design process when designing library spaces. As the need to bring out natural features in libraries continues to grow, our existing portfolio demonstrates that we have embraced the use of nature themed graphics in our projects for several years now, successfully showing hos graphics play a key role in the support of effective biophilic design.

When we design graphics, we ensure that we contextually emphasize an overall setting. We must take into account the space of the room and what is physically possible before we embark on the graphic design. If we use the large expanse of wall space or floor space available, we can create effective graphics that are read on a large scale allowing us to set the scene of a nature -themed environment in a powerful and “in your face” manner.

Be inspired on graphic themes below.   


Jægerspris Public Library, Denmark


#Theme 1: The forest

Enjoy a quiet moment in the silence of the forest…

Graphics depicting trees and forest landscapes are popular themes for us and feature heavily in children’s graphics. These are further supported by the use of e.g. wooden browsers, tree stumps seating and green displays and book supports. By devoting an entire wall or the floor to nature inspired graphics, the place can be completely transformed into the mythical natural world, with all the magical creatures that inhabit therein.

The forest is a place for silence and absorption where one can read a book undisturbed, surrounded by large trees or hidden in one of the forest’s natural alcoves. While our graphics support nature, they also evoke a fictional world that can be recognized while reading the books. Careful specification of the complimentary library furniture adds to this natural ambiance.

The project images below demonstrate bespoke designed graphics as well as realistic reproductions of photography.

Vejen Public Library, Denmark

Beverwijk Public Library, Netherlands

Horsens Public Library, Denmark

Guldborgsund Public Library, Denmark






#Theme 2: The ocean

Embracing nature doesn’t just centre on landscape themes; our living ocean can also evoke a strong sense of our bond with our natural environment.

Take a dive under water…

Be amazed by the beautiful colours and curious sea animals! The ocean theme comes to life in several of our projects, visualized by different foliage and graphics.

Transform a confined space into an underwater cave or sail away on the blue ocean on custom made ships. The ocean theme is extremely popular among children because of its deep secrets and alluring soft shapes. The theme can even be turned into competitions: - who can count the most seahorses or make a search of “finding Nemo” - the little clownfish.

Here is a selection of projects with ocean designed graphics.

Hørsholm Public Library, Denmark

Guldborgsund Public Library, Denmark

Agerbæk Public Library, Denmark

Hørsholm Public Library, Denmark





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