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Rondea Shelving

Open framed shelving for visual lightness and appeal

These are the characteristics of the Rondea Steel Shelving System. The 28 mm round tubing framework is available in two different designs – Rondea-F and Rondea-W. These two different design variants take into account the furniture demands of individual public libraries. With its sleek design, without harsh edges and corners, the Rondea-F variant (F for Flat) can be integrated into existing structures due to its neutral appearance. Those who want a small design variation, can choose the dynamic Rondea-W variant (W for Wave).

The Rondea system is related to our Quadra shelving system in that both systems are compatible with the same function components. Shelves and accessories that fit Rondea shelving will fit Quadra shelving too.

The Rondea steel shelving system is available single- or double-sided. Add steel or wooden shelves and various functions to create the exact shelving system required for your library. Use the technical specifications to construct the shelving system of your choice.

The design of the shelving system, with its 32mm grid module, allows for easy assembly and adjustment without the use of specific tools. Both versions are available with castors. These wheels are appropriate for both soft and hard floors and allow for optimal flexibility when using the space for events.

The Rondea Steel Shelving system can be delivered in a wide range of colours.



Metal parts are lacquered according to DIN 50942 with a particularly resistant, environmentally friendly, stove-enamel powder coating. Most of the metal fittings are chrome-plated and therefore have long-term corrosion protection. Wooden surfaces have an environmentally friendly lacquering or plastic coating.

Material powder coated steel
Construction steel frame - round tube
Connection element back frame, cross brace/tension support
Panels perforated steel end panel
Module depth mm 250, 300
Module width mm 500, 750, 900, 1000
Module height mm 1100, 1500, 1750, 2050

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