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Book Cradle

Book Cradle

Design: Franz James for Eurobib Direct

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A proven solution in a new version . A handy cradle to store, move and displaying books and other media . Exclusive and eye-catching thanks to the acrylic thickness and high finish. Display returned books by placing them in the cradle on a table , counter or on a book trolley . Placed on a shelf it helps to create a fine focus point. Ideal also for students who wish to bring selected reference books to a study place. Easy to move.

Simple assembly , thanks to the intelligent plug-in system.  

Width 310 mm
Depth 250 mm
Height 190 mm
Colour glass look
Material clear acrylic, PMMA
Other 8 mm acrylic, easy assembly thanks to the clever plug-in design.
Fits media type standard books

Colour: glass look

Item no.: E3576 / 1 pc

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