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Louise Hederström

Louise Hederström Design Studio
Born in Kågeröd, Sweden, 1973
Art Studies at Lund University and designer from Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm.
Own design studio in Malmö since 2001 and winner of several national and international awards.
Working with a number of internationally acclaimed Swedish companies, both public spaces and private homes. Scandinavian minimalism with graphic playful expressions are a few key words.
Furniture, lighting, display and applied art and exhibition concept.

Item no.: E3392

E3392 E3392

Rabbit Display


Item no.: E3393

E3393 E3393

Wolf Display


Item no.: E3394

E3394 E3394

Lion Display


Item no.: E3395

E3395 E3395

Lioness Display


Item no.: E3818

E3818 E3818

Twigs Display Stand


Item no.: E3501

E3501 E3501

Chicken Display


Item no.: E3502

E3502 E3502

Frog Display


Item no.: E3506

E3506 E3506

Pixie Display


Item no.: E3508

E3508 E3508

Nordmann Display


Item no.: E3505

E3505 E3505

Santa Display


Item no.: E3507

E3507 E3507

Elfy Display