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Meet the designer

Lykke Jørgin

Interior Architect, MDD

Design office, Denmark

Lykke studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and then at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen where she obtained a degree in Furniture and Space Design in 2007.
She joined our design office in Denmark straight from university and has been responsible for many innovative designs for libraries that have been completed throughout Europe.
Lykke is part of our international network of interior architects and consultants and based on her dedication and international involvement she is often used as inspirator and motivator.
Her roles have been different and project scopes has varied from public libraries, big universities and school libraries. She has done refurbishments, development of zones and new libraries.
The cooperation with all stakeholders from the library people to other architects, the constructer as well as suppliers of furniture, interactive solutions and more, has given her a good insight in all dimensions of a library design and what drives the modern library.