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5 tips for cushions

5 tips - how to use your cushions in the library


In the library, cushions are often used for extra seating.

But why stop there? Cushions are fun, practical, and nice-looking products that complement the library in a wonderful way. In addition to the splashy colours and round shapes that help brighten up any library room, the cushions add good vibes and bring fun into everyday life.

Here are our 5 tips on how to use your cushions in the library.

Extra seating on the floor

Replace big furniture with smaller and more comfortable cushions that can be moved around as pleased and help transform a room or an area for events.


Decorate the staircase and use the steps for extra accommodation. Make the surfaces of the staircase comfortable with the cushions.

Gather a group

Encourage classes or institutions to gather around activities and presentations at the library.

Funny games

Use the cushions as stepping stones or for playing; Who can build the highest tower or make the cushion roll the farthest?

Work out

When you and your colleagues need a little break from work…

Need our help?

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