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Open, unmanned libraries - what is this?

Open, unmanned libraries are open to visitors, also when they are not manned by personnel. This allows for extended opening hours and yet, greater public service.

The reasons for having an open, unmanned library are many;  

Increase the accessibility for those who want to visit the library with longer opening hours. In today’s society we more or less require services of all kinds to be available when we need it.

The possibility to have open, unmanned libraries has increased in pace with technological advances. Internet reservations, self-service machines and card readers are examples of this, as well as technology with automatic start / stop of light, code locks on doors, etc.

It may also be due to pure cost savings. In Denmark, for example, closure of several branch libraries in 2007 was the result of a restructuring of the local government. To somehow compensate for this, unmanned, open libraries were introduced to increase accessibility.