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Temporary Library at Lunds Centralstation, Sweden

6 May 2015 / Exhibition news

On the 5th – 7th May, street musicians at Lund central were accompanied by a most unusual neighbour - a pop-up library!

The reason for the event was the centenary of the Library Days held in Lund, Sweden.

Lund Public Library together with Eurobib Direct/BCI, and a few other suppliers to libraries were setting up and manning a temporary library at Lund central on 5th – 7th May. Travelers could both register as new borrowers and borrow books directly on site.

The idea of ​​the temporary library arose when it became clear that the centennial of the Library Days would be held in Lund. During these days the library directors, librarians and others could listen to lectures and discuss the future of libraries.

The temporary library was placed in the tunnel that connects the various railway tracks at the station and was one of the first events that met the librarians and the public travelling by train, explains Karin Bergendorff, manager at the Lund Public Library.

Eurobib Direct / BCI contributed to this event with Showalot Ladder shelves and Showalot Picture Book. We also helped with packing the shelves away when the temporary library was not open.

The shelves fitted well for this purpose both in single-sided versions against the wall and as neat, stand-alone display shelves.

The idea of setting up a temporary library in a place where thousands of people pass over a few days is a fantastic idea! Various paperback titles and children's books were available for loan just like in a normal library.

Eurobib Direct/BCI were also present with a stand, where the conference took place.