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Pello Bio book foil

Pello Bio book foil

Think of the environment and use environmentally friendly book foil

Reinforce and protect covers, maps, folders, labels, etc. with versatile and environmentally gentle film (renewable).

Repositionable (to some extent), soft and easy to apply and can be used on almost all surfaces. Recommended for people with some experience in book care.

The self-adhesive, glossy protection film is made of environmentally friendly bio-based plastic (75% sugar cane) and water-based acrylic adhesive. 

The squared backing paper makes it easy to cut to size and is made of siliconized (solvent-free) paper with water-based ink.


What is bio-based plastic?

Bio-polyethylene (also known as renewable polyethylene) is polyethylene made of ethanol, which becomes ethylene after a dehydration process. It can be manufactured from various raw materials e.g. sugar cane, sugar beet and wheat grains.


One of the most important environmental benefits of bio-polyethylene is that it “binds” approx. 2.15 tons of carbon dioxide per ton of green polyethylene produced. The carbon dioxide is absorbed by the sugar cane as it grows, minus carbon dioxide emitted by the production process.

Plastic made from biomass is a climate-friendly solution, as it is CO2-neutral as opposed to plastic made from oil and gas.

Length 25 m
Width 220 mm
Colour clear
Material Bio-based, LDPE
Thickness 90 μm
Reposition limited

Colour: clear


Item no.: E660200 / 1 pc

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