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Reading Plane

Reading Plane

Let children fly away with their favourite book

Children have curious minds and are eager to discover the world. The Reading Plane can send them on a playful adventure without leaving the library. It is a fantastic place to dive into the unknown world of books and let their imagination fly away with them.

The divided fuselage allows easy access for little pilots and the dashboard serves as a comfortable book rest. The rear is perfect for smaller, young reader books and the front end can accommodate older children’s books.

With two reading tables in the shape of wings attached at the sides, this aeroplane creates exciting book selection and reading options, whether sitting or standing. It also has the added benefit of practical yet creative storage capabilities. For safety reasons the propeller is fixed.

The plane can be placed free-standing and combined with complementary accessories such as seat pillars and additional picture book boxes.

Material melamine coated particle board
AutoCAD (dwg) Reading Plane.dwg
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