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Asta Foam Cushion

Asta Foam Cushion

Square cushions for play and relaxation

Sit down, make yourself comfortable on the firm cushion and take at trip into fantasy land.

The cushion is available in various marbled colours, inspired by nature and are ideal for use on the floor, benches, staircases etc.

Cushion trolley can be ordered separately.


Asta is made of high density EVA (EthylVinylAcetat) foam without dangerous phthalates. 

The marbled effect varies from cushion to cushion, so no two cushions are the same.

The non-skid cushion is firm but still a soft material, that will develop a patina when used.

The cushion does not leave any marks on the floor and can be cleaned with water.

Length 350 mm
Width 350 mm
Height 50 mm
Colour sand/wood
Material EVA foam

Colour/finish: sand/wood

Item no.: E4086 / 1 pc

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