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Large Floor Cushion

Large Floor Cushion

Large Floor Cushion Ø67 cm

Durable, pressure relieving, felt floor cushion with non-slip bottom that reduces acoustics in the children's area and encourages learning and play.

Let the children play safely on the floor. Use the cushions as stepping stones for better learning and improving motor skills or sit nice and comfortably on the cushion with a good book or toy.

The cushion is also an ergonomic standing mat which relieves tension in the body and legs when standing. It will therefore be highly appreciated by staff who stand and walk a lot every day, as it increases blood circulation and reduces pressure on the spine and feet. So place it strategically behind the counter or search station for increased well-being.

The stylish cushion comes with a leather strap for hanging and easy handling.

Height 20 mm
Diameter 670 mm
Colour light grey
Material felt, artificial leather, leather

Colour/finish: light grey

Item no.: E3944 / 1 pc

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