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dB Pillar

dB Pillar

Design: Thomas Bernstrand for Abstracta

All in one pillar from Abstracta

dB Pillar from Abstracta is a piece of functional library furniture that can be used for many purposes. The range includes tables and stools as well as other functions such as coat hanger, magazine holder and flowerpot.

dB Pillar can easily be adapted to the library interior with its architectural appearance and great design. The material and design combined works wonders for the soundscape and reduces the levels of low-frequency noise. At the same time, dB Pillar has integrated power outlets for laptops and phones.   

The pillar is made of textile waste and supports a sustainable and circular production process.

dB Pillar is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Please notice that we offer the entire range of Abstracta products. 

Material textile fabric
dB Pillar with magazine rack W470 x H1930 mm
dB Pillar with clothes hook W470 x H1930 mm
dB Pillar with flowerpot (low) W470 x H700 mm
dB Pillar with waste paper basket W470 x H700 mm
dB Pillar with flowerpot (high) W470 x H1100 mm
dB Pillar desk W850 x H720 / W850 x H1070 mm
dB Pillar Pallet W375 x H500 mm
dB Flower Trellis W420 x H1600 mm
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