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Design: Stefan Borselius

Acoustic modular system

Insipid, featureless ceilings and walls compromise the overall impression made by far too many interior environments. Sky, a modular system sets out to change this with a design language that imbues a room with visual energy while improving its soundscape. The key is simplicity.

The Sky Wall and Sky Ceiling modular system makes it possible to liven up spaces by simple means and radically change their look while dampening noise at the same time. The extent to which you transform the space is determined by how you arrange the modules and which colour or colours you choose.

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Sky Wall is fitted with magnets that attach to metal plates bolted to the wall.

Sky Ceiling can be mounted with magnets directly to a ceiling’s metal construction.

Arranging the modules in clusters creates undulating patterns evocative of cloud formations. Like clouds, the clusters set one’s thoughts in motion. Create your own visual effect!

All materials in Sky are recyclable, either as material or energy.

Fully assembled yes
Material felt
Width 846 mm
Depth 120 mm
Height 591 mm
Absorption αw=0,90
Brochures and catalogues Sky ceiling Productsheet
Brochures and catalogues Sky Wall Productsheet
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