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Filmolux Soft Protection Tape

Filmolux Soft Protection Tape

Easy to use and re-positionable!

Ideal for book backs and protection of bar labels/colour labels etc.

The glue has a delayed-action adhesive, which means you can re-position it if you need to make a correction as you work. You can loosen the film up to four hours after it was applier to a book.

After 24 hours, the glue will have stabilized and the film is then firmly adhered to the cover.


Can be used on almost all surfaces. Pre-cut, squared backing paper (recyclable) facilitates film separation.

Gloss plastic film strengthens the colours on a book cover and is often used to protect photographs as well as book covers. 

Length 25 m
Width 20 mm
Colour clear
Material PVC
Reposition yes
Thickness 70 μm

Colour: clear


Item no.: E3000 / 1 pc

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