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Labels, card inserts, stickers and so much more. Signage for all library books, library shelving and library display.

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Item no.: E2453

E2453 - Film roll

Film Roll Sticker


Item no.: E2454

E2454 - Info text

Info Stickers


Item no.: E3328

E3328 - Name Plate

Magnetic Name Badge


Item no.: E3792

E3792 - Blackboard

Blackboard Sign


Item no.: E3794

E3794 E3794

Table Sign Holder


Item no.: E3795

E3795 - Sign for shelves

Sign for shelving


Item no.: E3256

E3256 - Sign holder

Sign Holder


Item no.: E3454

E3454 - Poster holder

Poster holder Sign


Item no.: E3790

E3790 - Sign holder clip E3790 - Sign holder clip

Sign Clip Accessory


Item no.: E3791

E3791 - Slate Paper

Reusable Slate Sign


Item no.: E76230


Magnet set

5 pcs

Item no.: E76233


Paper Pad


Item no.: E2819

E2819 - Self-adhesive card pockets E2819 - Self-adhesive card pockets

Card Pocket

100 pcs