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Möbelfakta-certified library furniture 


Möbelfakta is a Swedish non-profit company that sets the standard for responsible furniture production, ensuring that products meet stringent environmental, social and quality requirements.

Products with Möbelfakta certification must be in accordance with standard ISO 14024. This means that the products meet environmental requirements determined by an independent third party and that the requirements are continuously tightened and are developed from a life cycle perspective.

The criteria are based upon material selection, production processes and end-of-life considerations. Möbelfakta-certified products are not only environmentally friendly but also promote ethical manufacturing practices.



Möbelfakta-certified Halland Book Trolley - Plus Design

Möbelfakta-certified Halland Book Trolley - Plus Design

Benefits from Möbelfakta certification


When you choose Möbelfakta-certified products, you align with our values of responsible consumption, production and quality.

You will achieve benefits such as:

  • Environmental responsibility: Möbelfakta guarantees that products meet high environmental standards, minimizing their impact on the planet.
  • Quality assurance: Each Möbelfakta-certified item undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance, providing long-lasting solutions for library environments.
  • Ethical production: With Möbelfakta, we uphold ethical manufacturing practices, supporting responsible sourcing of materials.


To obtain Möbelfakta certification, companies and products must meet the following 3 criteria.


  • Möbelfakta was founded as a quality label in 1972.
  • Möbelfakta is independent as a type 1 eco-labeling system.
  • The certification covers a wide range of furniture categories, including office, school and public furniture.
  • Criteria are determined by an independent third party to increase credibility.

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Durable and safe furniture

Quality standards for furniture are primarily developed by the European standardization organization CEN and its technical committee. In instances with no EN standards, Möbelfakta endeavors to align, where feasible, with international ISO standards.

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Furniture with minimal impact

Möbelfakta's environmental criteria are divided into mandatory material requirements and mandatory product requirements. The material requirements mainly concern raw materials and components used in the manufacture of the furniture.

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Supply chains

conscious producers

The furniture manufacturer must consider various social and ethical factors, including its obligations to workers and the conditions throughout the production process. The foundation of this approach is based on the UN guidelines regarding the "Code of Conduct."

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Halland Book Trolley

Our Halland Book Trolley - Plus Design is certified by Möbelfakta, designed for responsible excellence.

Crafted with precision and care, this versatile trolley combines functionality with eco-conscious design, making it an ideal solution for libraries and educational spaces.

With Möbelfakta certification, you can trust that the Halland Book Trolley - Plus Design upholds the highest standards of eco-friendly choices.