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Elna Picture Book Browser

Design: Louise Hederström for Eurobib Direct

On a picture-book safari

Meet Elna the elephant!

She loves being with children and is happy to be fed with books (that's allowed!). Books that she also generously shares in her own special way.

Elna has her own very special hiding places for books for children to discover, or spaces to crawl in under.

Jigsawn and recessed end panels with interior grooves/brackets for installing shelves for front display.


Front display shelf (tusk)

Depending on the size of the chosen books Elna’s tusk can be equipped with three or four shelves; variable heights.

Picture book storage

Elna is fitted with one shelf and two picture book compartments fitted with practical dividers (adjustable) and ribbed rubber mats for the interior.

Capacity Shelf: Approx. 70-80 Picture books.
Compartment: Approx. 100-120 picture books.
Size shelves: W700 x D334 x H170 (back) mm.
Size compartment: W700 x D350 x H170 (front) 

Approx. 100 frontdisplayed picture books.
Size shelves: W740 x D156 mm.
Display depth: 140 mm.
Highest top shelf placing: 1100 mm.

Width 778 mm
Depth 1528 mm
Height 1318 mm
Colour F7927 folkestone
Material Formica®, laminated plywood
Needs assembly yes
Picture books 380 - 420

Colour: F7927 folkestone

Item no.: E7654 / 1 pc

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