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FSCTM certified library furniture


We understand the importance of sustainability and quality, which is why so much of our library furniture is FSC certified.

Our FSC certified library furniture is crafted with care and attention to detail. Our furniture is designed to create an inviting and inspiring atmosphere in your library while meeting the most stringent environmental standards. We are committed to increasing the share of sustainable raw wooden material in our products and thereby support responsible forestry – for a better world.

We have invested in a Chain-of-Custody Multi-site certificate (FSC-C144988), issued by FSC®, which documents, that we can offer wood from responsible forestry and other controlled sources. FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) is an international labelling scheme, that documents that FSC certified products originate from responsible forestry and other controlled sources.

Working with certified suppliers, we can offer the majority of our wooden shelving systems from responsible forestry and other controlled sources.

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FSC certified Lingo Shelving (Lundtofte School, Lyngby, Denmark)

FSC certified Lingo Shelving (Lundtofte School, Lyngby, Denmark)

Why FSC certified?


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global organization dedicated to conserving forests and promoting responsible forest management. When you choose FSC-certified furniture for your library, you contribute to the preservation of global forests, the protection of wildlife and support for local communities. Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S takes pride in offering a wide selection of FSC-certified library furniture that combines aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

According to the FSC, forests, managed according to their principles and criteria, mean fair conditions for workers, respect for indigenous communities and local populations as well as strict environmental controls.

In a FSC-certified forest, the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. All the wood is tracked from the forest to the store. Every link between the forest and the consumer is certified to make it clearly identifiable which wood is from responsible forestry and which is not.





 FSC Certificate