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The library in the ravine

The cultural center of Rælingen Municipality in the town of Fjerdingby opened its doors in September 2022. The new main hall is designed to serve as both a cultural meeting place and a comprehensive health service facility. The modern building has been named "The Ravine" as it is constructed within an old ravine, boasting an impressive ceiling height and large windows. The library, which is prominently situated across three levels, features glass ceilings in certain areas. The abundant natural light, combined with the generous ceiling height, creates an open and inviting atmosphere.

BS Eurobib in Norway have had the pleasure of providing all the shelving systems, counters, seating furniture, tables, and much of the other furnishings.

The children's library is located on the lower level with dedicated spaces for storytelling and activities for younger children. On the middle level, you will find the adult and youth sections. This level also houses an information desk and a spacious, flexible area that can easily be transformed into an event space as needed. The mezzanine level offers more secluded seating areas and a cozy reading room.

  • Helge Eek

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