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School libraries - READ

Increase the desire to read with playful surroundings

The school library is the beating heart of the school. Children of all ages are stimulated to read when the interior design is varying and playful.

Make sure to combine great stories with pictures, as a picture says more than a thousand words. Which is why it is important to have a wide selection of picture books in any school library. Use picture book browsers, displays, and podiums to make books stand out or use them for exhibitions or playing and seating.

Be inspired on how to furnish school libraries that evoke language and desire to read among children.

Customized green Maria podium and browsers with ample storage room
Maria podium and browsers are available in different sizes and can contain many different types of media and displays.

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Sara browser
Functional and modern browser that fits in all zones in the library, but is specially suited for children’s zones.

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Picture book safari with Elof
This cute and charming elephant can be used for display or storage.

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Customized playing and exhibition podium
Make books part of the game with built-in seats, reading caves, and playing areas.

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Anette browser showing a broad selection of picture books
Anette is a practical and spacious picture book browser in three levels.

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Hang out with BOB!
Make reading a fun experience with this small and characteristic chair for smaller children.

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