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Biophilic library design - Projects

Experience nature in the libraries

Visiting libraries can feel like entering a magical and calming sphere that exists outside time and place. When we engage with libraries today, we often support surroundings based on natural outdoor environments that contribute to our health and wellbeing.

It is our goal to offer concepts and biophilic design solutions that can be incorporated into the overall interior design of the individual library. Many of our projects demonstrate various naturalistic themes that constitute a complementary, reinforcing and interconnected whole.

The projects highlighted on this page all seek to bring in nature in different, creative ways to reduce the distance between nature and human.

Get lost in the forest or chill out by the sea – the sky is the limit.     


Guldborgsund Library, Denmark

The biophilic design focus of Guldborgsund Library was to recreate the characteristic nature surrounding Guldborgsund municipality.

By bringing the forest and the beach into the library, the visitors can undisturbedly enjoy a walk between the trees or take a sailing trip on the ocean. We introduced special designed trees as end panels to the shelving systems with books on hanging displays, matching surrounding browsers as well as graphics on the floor with images of the forest underfoot, natural rocks, the ocean and sand.

Each area in the children’s section is uniquely distinct from one another. The colours, graphics and bespoke furniture make each area stand out and clearly demarcate when you transition from one area to another – e.g. from the forest to the beach. As biophilic design is an integrated part of the whole children’s department, all the zones and areas are connected by nature with a consistent feeling of being outside anywhere you go. 

> More pictures from Guldborgsund Library





Horsens Library, Denmark

In Horsens Library we introduced oak mobile display podiums as well as wall graphics showing forest scenes and images of cabins and wildlife in the children’s area to support a biophilic landscape.

The interplay between the new elements creates a natural and modern narrative that makes the visitor feel calm and relaxed. The large window sections allow a lot of daylight in the space which increases the overall feeling of being outside.

> More pictures from Horsens Library



Vejen Library, Denmark

Vejen Library is a beautiful combination of playful and colourful nature-like areas.

Designed as an enchanted forest, the mood of the children’s area is enchanted by the choice of furniture and colours, which together create a captivating atmosphere. The green book browsers and display stands shaped as trees encourage children to explore the world of books for reading and playing in the heart of the forest among trees and mushrooms.

In the rest of the library panoramic windows flood the library with daylight which add to a more open and natural space.

> More pictures from Vejen Library




Humlebæk Library, Denmark

In 2021 we worked closely with Humlebæk Library for the renovation of the library with biophilic design as a primary focus.

New biophilic zones and elements were added throughout the library to foster greater involvement, attachment and cohesion between visitors, staff, and the surroundings they occupy.   

The shelving systems now has the addition of top shelves and panels in stained plywood in various shades of green, and the entrance of the children’s library is marked by two large trees. A large carpet, that looks like grass and water, creates the ideal space for playing and spending time by the window with lots of natural light filtering in, while the existing browsers for picture books, as well as an acrylic wall with prints of waves and fish, encircle the area.

> More pictures from Humlebæk Library





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