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City of knowledge in Kiruna

In Kiruna a 40,000 m2 education centre is located in extension of the city park, where several educational facilities work together; a culture school, a high school with theoretical and practical fields of study and a university with adult studies. The building also contains a sports hall, library and exhibition areas as well as a café and restaurant open to the public.

The core of the building is a central square that forms a link between the city of knowledge and the rest of the city centre. From here, the visitor is led into a spacious atrium, where the activities of the city and the school meet in a common and public space. The library is also located here, where a generous amount of daylight comes from large glass sections near the roof, which invite visitors to look up at the sky and follow the different characteristics of the seasons.

In the interior design, great emphasis has been placed on creating inviting environments that highlight the elements of nature. The inspiration is taken from the annual changes of the polar sky, with natural and untreated materials in interaction with contrasting materials and colours.

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