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Imaginative furniture for the library

Cushions come in many colours, sizes, and materials and can easily be adapted to the interior of the library. They are suitable for all visitors as moveable and transportable seating or as an aesthetic supplement to the general library inventory.

Sit, play, build or lift – the sky is the limit.


Olivia Cushion

Olivia is a practical, comfortable, and soft cushion that adds life to the library with its happy colours. The padded cushion with durable fabric lasts for long-term, daily use and they are ideal to mix but can also be used on their own.

The underlay is soft and comfortable and can be used for extra seating and/or decor on the floor, on a bench, a staircase, etc.  

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Mia Cushion

Mia Cushion is a perfect fit for e.g. our Maria Podium which you can easily transform into a cozy seating unit. 

The Mia Cushion is equipped with 2 velcro straps on the back for fastening to stair cases, benches or wherever you wish to upgrade your hard seating. The cushion is available in four fantastic colours.    

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Eva Foam Cushion

This firm cushion is an imaginative library seating made of materials often used for products to improve motor skills among children. Because of the solid form, the cushion is more durable when children climb or jump on it and is easy to store and transport.

Eva fits into every room of the library and creates happy vibes whether it is placed on the floor, on a bench, or a staircase. 

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Cushion trolley

In addition to their design and many ways to use, cushions are easy to store and transport with a cushion trolley.

The trolleys are available in sizes, that fit the cushions, and are easy to handle. The cushion trolleys hardly take up any space when set aside. 

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5 tips

How to use your cushions


Weightlifting, playing, or decorating?

The sky is the limit!

Our cushions are suitable for many purposes and occasions. Here are 5 tips on how to use your cushions in the library.

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See the cushions in the libraries


Katrinebjergskolen, Aarhus, Denmark

””The cushions help create many more seats in our library, and we can bring the pupils together for different activities. A cushion also helps to create small zones, making it easier for the pupil to define their working area.

- Louise Bro, Learning Advisor, Katrinebjergskolen


At Kathrinebjergskolen in Aarhus, Eva cushions have been chosen in green and blue colours. The cushions are used in different places in the school library, for example, on the reading stairs by the window where a lot of daylight comes in. Or in the small cozy reading caves around the library where the children can sit quietly and undisturbed while reading a book.




Haderslev Realskole, Denmark

”We are very happy with the cushions, that we found. The durable material ensures that the children can sit on the cushions, and the practical hole in the middle makes it easy for all pupils, no matter the age, to tidy up after themselves. The trolley is easy to store away, which is nice, when you do not have that much space.”

- Tina Vad, Teacher, Haderslev Realskole


Haderslev Realskole uses the Olivia and Eva cushions to set the scene for weekly sessions in the school library. The sessions are used to increase pupils’ interest in literature and their desire to read. The cushions help to create zones, when many pupils are gathered in the school library at the same time.





More inspiration

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Vejen Public Library, Denmark

Vejen Public Library, Denmark

Herrenhausen Public Library, Hannover, Germany

Herrenhausen Public Library, Hannover, Germany

Skolen i Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Skolen i Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, Denmark





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