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Guiding visitors through a library is an important task and communicating all the library has on offer is made simple with our comprehensive range of display stands. From news and information, to latest releases and quick picks - our display options emphasise and highlight exactly what you want to bring to users’ attention.

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Item no.: E3501

E3501 E3501

Chicken Display


Item no.: E3392

E3392 - Rabbit Display Stand E3392 - Rabbit Display Stand

Rabbit Display Stand


Item no.: E3452

E3452 - Brochure stand E3452 - Brochure stand

A4 Brochure Stand


Item no.: E3576

E3576 - Book Cradle E3576 - Book Cradle

Book Cradle


Item no.: E2893


CD Rack


Item no.: E3398

E3398 E3398

Fishy Display Stand


Item no.: E3402

E3402 E3402

Fishy Wall Display


Item no.: E3570

E3570 - Gavla End Panel Display Bracket E3570 - Gavla End Panel Display Bracket

Gavla Shelf Display


Item no.: E3394

E3394 - Lion Display Stand E3394 - Lion Display Stand

Lion Display Stand


Item no.: E0452


Literature Stand


Item no.: E2043

E2043 - Brochure Stand

Magazine Rack


Item no.: E34466


Media Display Holder


Item no.: E3410

E3410 - Newspaper and magazine display rack

Newspaper Display


Item no.: E50327

E50327 - Plug-in Display Box E50327 - Plug-in Display Box

Plug-in Display Box


Item no.: E4333

E4333 - Display holder E4333 - Display holder

Slat Wall Display


Item no.: E7698

E7698 - Slitz Magazine Display E7698 - Slitz Magazine Display

Slitz Wall Display


Item no.: E50326

E50326 - Display  and Storage Box

Square Display Box


Item no.: E2040

E2040 - Stick Rack

Stick Rack


Item no.: E3818

E3818 - Twigs E3818 - Twigs

Twigs Display Stand


Item no.: E3393

E3393 - Wolf Display Stand E3393 - Wolf Display Stand

Wolf Display Stand