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EU Ecolabel

EU-ecolabelled library furniture 


The EU Ecolabel is an official label that complies with European legislation on sustainable actions. We present a selection of EU-ecolabelled library furniture, facilitating the choice of more sustainable and responsible solutions. The requirements are based on a life-cycle assessment of the product and requirements are imposed on production, use and disposal.

The purpose of the EU Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption. Therefore, the environmental label considers the entire journey of the product and the environmental issues that arise along the way.



"We are incredibly pleased to add the EU Ecolabel to our preferred eco labels. The EU Ecolabel certification reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with documented environmentally friendly choices."

Mikael Kjeldsen, CEO

EU-ecolabelled 60/30 Classic Shelving

EU-ecolabelled 60/30 Classic Shelving

Why choose the EU Ecolabel?


An increasing number of businesses and individuals are conscious of the environmental footprint they leave when designing a library. By choosing EU Ecolabel certifed products, you do not only contribute to sustainability and environmental conservation but are also assured of meeting stringent eco-friendly standards. 

The EU Ecolabel ensures:

  • Rigorous conditions for environmentally harmful substances.
  • Specific criteria for each product type to increase the label's business relevance.
  • Stringent requirements for health-hazardous substances.
  • Third-party approval, ensuring the credibility of the labelling.


The third-party approval ensures that independent experts are responsible for checking compliance with the EU Ecolabel criteria.
EU Ecolabel is the only EU-wide ISO 14024 Type I ecolabelling scheme which is an international standard regarding environmental labels and declarations. 



  • Recognized throughout Europe, supporting the EU Single Market for responsible production.
  • Products must meet objective and rigorous criteria to elevate the level of sustainability.
  • Lower environmental footprint, reduced waste and CO2 emissions.
  • Less hazardous chemicals, designed for durability and ease of repair.
  • Criteria are determined by a democratic body rather than special interest groups to increase credibility.

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Our EU-ecolabelled furniture

We have applied the EU Ecolabel to our popular collection of 60/30 Classic shelving systems for unique library design.

We offer wooden end panels, top shelves, overlaying top plates and end panel shelvings. These wooden components are all FSC certified.