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A new library with a central and easy accessible location

In 2015, a part of the private school Fieldgen in Luxembourg was renovated. The new library was assigned a central location within the site. It was crucial that the library should have a central location. The library is now easily accessible to everyone and can therefore also serve as a classroom or study area. An integrated stage is the perfect place for lectures and performances.

Technical manager, Daniel Schummer:

"We chose the Uniflex steel shelving system with perforated end panels to keep everything simple but still meet the contemporary aspect of the building. In this way we could avoid that the "wood look" would prevail as the other furniture consists mainly of wood. The majority of visitors are immediately charmed by the new library. There is much more natural light and the entirety looks modern. The interior design of the new library is very successful. Especially the view when entering the library, with a beautiful view on the reading room , the stage and the staircase with the shelving around, is magnificent! Schulz Benelux has convinced us with their design and good price/quality. "


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