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Let the books sell themselves

Interesting book displays are crucial in unmanned, open libraries

During ‘staff-less’ opening hours, when there are no librarians present to explain and guide readers, it is very important that the books are able to sell themselves. Placing books on display units or sloping shelves, breaks the monotony of rows of books on straight shelves and assists library visitors in choosing an interesting read by catching their attention and showing the beautifully designed book covers.

Much like the retail environment where products are placed near the cash register or entrance to tempt you to purchase, today’s modern libraries are mimicking this ‘shop-concept’ and placing ‘quick choices’ and new arrivals near the entrance or library counter. This provides visitors with an easy reference point to choose a book that the library is showcasing and recommending. These displays take the hassle and guesswork out of finding a good book and use the book covers to sell themselves.