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Library accessories

Library accessories for all libraries including: insert block, lables, book care, book displays and signage.

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Item no.: E3842

E3842 E3842

Blackboard A


Item no.: E3843

E3843 E3843

Chalkmarker Pens


Item no.: E3206

E3206 - Standard E3206 - Standard

Blank Block Label

100 pcs

Item no.: E3246

E3246 - Wide E3246 - Wide

Blank Block Label

25 pcs

Item no.: E3294

E3294 - Label holder E3294 - Label holder

Label Holder


Item no.: E2034

E2034 - Coloured Markers

Coloured Marker Pens


Item no.: E2349

E2349 - Loan stick E2349 - Loan stick

Loan Insert

50 pcs

Item no.: E2701

E2701 - Address holder

Luggage Tag

50 pcs

Item no.: E3793


Schoolboard Pens


Item no.: E2453

E2453 - Film roll

Film Roll Sticker


Item no.: E2454

E2454 - Info text

Info Stickers