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An open and lively new library

An arts centre with library, academy and a culture point: BASIL architecture started to work with this programme within the casco building purchased by the municipality. “Connection is key here,” say Lorenzo Deceuninck and Robin Van Beveren. "From every floor you have some views of an upper or lower floor, which arouses your curiosity. Anyone walking through the building sees and feels what is happening around them."

Librarian Jan Claeys adds: “The library is dynamic, playful, inviting to explore, for the independent, self-reliant user thanks to the optimal use of information technology. A total concept that focuses on experience and openness. ”
This is reflected in many ways: the library is open 12 hours a day, the youth library is accessible via a slide from the entrance hall, shelves are deliberately kept low and interspersed with cozy sitting areas and long work tables.

Concrete columns and floors alternate with a warm and sober colour palette with details in brass and copper, referring to the instruments that resound in the building. The well-thought-out design was extended by the architects to every detail of the interior and the furniture.

Pictures: Giulia Frigerio
Copyright: BASIL Architecture Bv

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