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Recognisable and beautiful design style

VIA University in Herning acquired a new extension for housing the many students they accept every year. They wanted to carry on the same design manual, using the same design principles and furniture, that had been defined back in 2019 between VIA University and our architects from Lammhults Biblioteksdesign to ensure a recognizable and coherent look across campus.

The beautiful new study area thus contains several of the same pieces of furniture in a modern and timeless design, that already exist on the rest of the campus. Traditional seating with tables and chairs can be found as well as soft seating, for example the Senso sofa, which makes it possible to work and study from both sides of the sofa.

The project demonstrates a recognizable and beautiful interior style with a significant and loyal design throughout the whole process. This, with a clear message that you have yet again set foot inside VIA University.

Products used at VIA University College Herning, Denmark

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