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L’Alpha is the new vivid meeting place for all residents of Angoulême, capital of the comic strip

The building is designed by architect Françoise Raynaud from Loci Anima Architecure and offers unique city views. The building is composed of five stacked boxes, forming an “A” seen from the sky – the A of Alpha! It offers 4.000 m2 of public areas and services including auditorium, exhibition room ,café and library resources with a collection of 150,000 books, CD’s, DVD’s and video games as well as 18,000 comics.

The library is built around 3 universes; Imagination, Creation and Understanding. “Create” is a space dedicated to comics, cinema, music and the arts. “Understand” covers the main areas of knowledge, offers space and collections dedicated to the written heritage and history in the Charente region, and offers private and collective spaces for reading and study. “Imagine” brings together children and literature space, and access to the courtyard and auditorium.

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