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Library of the Future

Branded the ‘Library of the Future’, the concept was to create a "second home" for visitors. Using a set designer, this concept is successfully reflected in all areas of the library and in the overall vision of the project.  

Special attention was paid to the furniture that was delivered by the company BC Intérieur which provides a huge advantage with its sober aesthetic that is both timeless and practical. The design facilitates the connections between each area, but also takes into account the needs for isolation.

The city Rouvroy has developed a building which has implemented a library of 1,136 sqm. The library includes a 650 sqm reading room, a conference room of 138 sqm and internal public services.

The library includes a space for meetings and discussions, a social meeting place and above all a place to access knowledge and learn. 
The interior combines a relaxed atmosphere, friendliness and workplace, but also too diverse areas.

The space is divided into 4 areas with a common hall:

Area 1: Entrance
Area 2: Society
Area 3: Leisure
Area 4: Discoveries

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