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Library furniture

Library furniture to excite staff and visitors alike. Tables, chairs, book trolleys and book towers available in all shapes and sizes for all libraries and learning environments.

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Item no.: E23305

E23305 - Pingy E23305 - Pingy



Item no.: E23346

E23346 - Brown


Item no.: E15100

E15100 - Children's Book Bus E15100 - Children's Book Bus

Book Bus Browser


Item no.: E6752

E6752 - Jumbo Stool

Jumbo Stool

2 pcs

Item no.: E36217

E36217 - Sketchalot whiteboard E36217 - Sketchalot whiteboard

Sketchalot Whiteboard


Item no.: E4047

E4047 - MoveIT

MoveIT Lectern


Item no.: E4574

E4574 - Maria display stand

Maria Podiums, set

3 pcs